Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still Riding Obama-rama

Yep people, I'm still in the thick of the Obama-rama.

Just found out these stats and decided to share.

They definitely make for interesting reading.

Voters in the 18 to 24 age group broke 68 percent for Obama to 30 percent for John McCain, according to the exit polling. Those in the 25 to 29 age bracket went 69 percent to 29 percent in Obama's favor.

The only age group where McCain prevailed was 65 and over, and that by just a 10-percentage-point margin, 54 percent to 44 percent, the exit polls showed.

And minorities went heavily into the Obama camp. Blacks, 96 percent Obama to 3 percent McCain; Latinos, 67 percent Obama to 30 percent McCain; and Asians, 63 percent Obama to 34 percent McCain.

And a little more info...

The closing polls were
Obama had 364 Electoral Votes which translates as 65 million Americans which was 53% of those who voted.

McCain had 163 Electoral Votes which translates as 57 million Americans which was 46% of those who voted.


And that breaks down to look like this:-
California it was 63% in favour of Obama
NY was 62% Obama
Illinois (home of Chicago) was 62% Obama

Utah (where?) was 63% McCain
Alaska (home of Palin) was 62% McCain.
Georgia (home of Atlanta) was 52% McCain,

Very interesting.

But look at this...

Based on Exit Polls

White Men (36% of voters) went 41% Obama, 57% McCain
White Women (39% of voters) went 46% Obama, 53% McCain
Black Men (5% of voters) went 95% Obama, 5% McCain
Black Women (7% of voters) went 96% Obama, 4% McCain
Latino Men (4% of voters) went 64% Obama, 33% McCain
Latino Women (2% of voters) went 68% Obama, 30% McCain.

Okay, I'll stop now!


Jojo said...

Yeah dear. Pls!!!! Good gracious Temi, @@I don't even need to tune in to anymore for some Obama news...lmao! Hey, have you heard of the news about town in Lagos? About a girl that was brutalised by some naval staff? Hope u good tho

Tiger Tem said...

@jojo...I've been absolutely riveted by all this Obama news and 'what it means' for America and the rest of the world. I was in California when it happened which incidentally was the state with the highest majority.

I did hear the news about the girl, and I watched the clip, I was absolutely horrified. We need to lead by example in Nigeria and unfortunately Mr Arogundade did nothing to stop his staff brutalising a young woman, in fact, he probably encouraged it. By not stopping them, he encouraged them. I see too much of that arrogant, ignorant, self-importance played out on a daily basis in Nigeria and it needs to be stopped.

I know Governor Fashola has issued a public apology and is looking into the matter and seeing what further action can be taken. I'm glad we have a Governor, young and intelligent enough to know what's really important to people.

I remember visiting South Africa quite soon after Mandela came back into power, and the black people seemed so calm about everything post apartheid...and I asked why. They said that Mandela has shown them the power and strength of the non violent fight. We need a good leader to show people the way. And failing that, we MUST do our best to show the people around is the difference between right and wrong on a daily basis.

Tiger Tem said...

Re: Uzoma Okere incident.

There are a couple of groups on facebook with over 1500 members. Power to the people.

Renaissance Man said...

It truly is something else.