Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Global Street Style - Japan

This week on Tiger Bites we're going to take a look at global street style from a selection of the best style spotting blogs around the world.

First up is a Japanese site

I've been a little obsessed with all things Japanese since I tried to learn Japanese at school. Yes really. When I got to Sixth form at CLC, I lobbied to get a Japanese teacher in to teach Japanese. My selling point being (at the ripe old age of mouthy 16) the world is becoming an increasingly global playing field and how cool would it be to have this high flying black female exec that can speak Japanese.

While my pleas, were listened to, alas I didn't get my way. Seems nobody else that year wanted to learn Japanese. Humph.

Japanese speaking inabilities aside,

I love Manga and anime,
The look and vibe of Tokyo street life has always fascinated me.
Those pod hotels...probably my biggest nightmare but they look fab.
Harajuku girls with their kooky, quirky sense of style.

The superstrong, unique economy (second largest economy by nominal GDP and third most powerful on purchasing power) has always been a source of know that whole 'Big in Japan" thing that can make people who can't sell one unit elsewhere but miraculously sell hundreds of thousands.... .Jennifer Love Hewitt's album? Yeah, exactly. Samantha Thavasa that has utilised the celebrity power of Beyonce, Tinsley Mortimer and Paris & Nicky Hilton to launch their own collections of handbags under her name. Smart move. They literally sell out every time.

Lost in Translation showed mainstream pop culture a new slant on Japan. Loved that film.
I love Japanese Tea Houses.
I love sushi and I love 'proper' Japanese food...the glutinous rice, the pickled ginger, the teriyaki, kumquats, shiitake mushrooms, soba, udon, wakame, nori...(let me stop before someone who really knows Japanese food shatters my bubble by telling me that's all pop Japanese stuff).

So courtesy of

Lets see what's hot on the streets of Harajuku this week...the overall vibe seems very laidback and a little eccentric. Love it.
I see they're loving the bright tights too.


And from the streets of Shibuya...seems a little more preppy, proper and has an understated sexiness to it.

And from the streets of Ginza...I'm guessing this is the 'City' as they all look a bit work-ish, as in serious high powered jobs work-ish...and is it me or are they more than just a little bit Cashmere Mafia? Love it.



Anonymous said...

love the more work chic type looks,
even tho i reeeeaally like the third one on the right from the streets of shibuya, i think?
the red head with the red belt and blue dress...

i'm gonna send u an email now. i have a few fashion school type Qs to ask

E said...

I LOVE JAPAN. And this was a great post.

Dropsofglamour said...

Wow! I love this post. Favourites are from the streets of Ginza and I'm totally with you on the Cashmere Mafia theme.

Keep it coming with the international street style.

Tiger Tem said...

@Geisha song...they're cute and eccelctic outfits aren't they? Would love to know about the shopping scene in Japan too.

@E..Thank you! That makes two of us.

@Dropsofglamour...Thanks...I've got a world tour lined up so over the next week or two, I'll take us all around the globe. Very interesting stuff going on in different parts of the world.