Thursday, November 6, 2008

Anya Hindmarch for Target

Anya Hindmarch is quite possibly one of the best know bag designers. The London based designer saw great success with the launch of her Be A Bag line which involves printing one of your personal photos onto a canvas bag. Genius. People were lapping that stuff up and many a Hugo/Charlie/Ben/Will/Alex/Poppy/Lottie/Apple/Liberty found their baby pics immortalised on their Yummy Mummy's arm.

She started her first boutique on Walton Street at the tender age of 19, and now has a bag empire consisting of over 60 stand alone stores worldwide. And she's been designing those wash bags for BA First class for over 7 years. Now I know I haven't had that privilege since I became a full fare paying member of society and I know a lot of other people don't have that privilege anymore or just yet, but somehow EVERYBODY seems to have so many of those washbags kicking around at home. Interesting.

If you really want one for yourself, I'm sure you can find one for pennies on ebay otherwise, hop over the the BA retail site where they are currently reduced from 65GBP to 19.80GBP.

In 2007 Hindmarch, in collaboration with the global social change movement We Are What We Do, designed the global sell out tote bag I’m Not A Plastic Bag, using her influence in a positive way to make it fashionable not to use plastic bags. The limited edition canvas totes sold for £5, launching in four limited edition colours around the world, and were selected by Vanity Fair to be included in their "Oscars" goodie bags.100,000 customers registered online to try to buy I’m Not A Plastic Bag, while 30 people in Beijing, China were treated in hospital after being caught in what was described as a scrum. AND the bags are still being traded on ebay for around $60+. Not bad.

And now she's set to become even more of a household name with her new collection for Target, the budget chain across America.

Their sales pitch tell us...

"Timeless designs add the perfect polish. Anya's internationally acclaimed collections are worn by the world's top celebs.

Her trademark is her craftsmanship, sense of humour and knowing exactly what women want.

Her new designs for target give every woman the chance to see that for herself."

So let's have a look then shall we.....

Anya Hindmarch for Target Large Shoulder Bag $49.99

Anya Hindmarch for Target Large Python Shoulder Bag $49.99

Anya Hindmarch for Target Clutch $19.99

Anya Hindmarch for Target Tote in Black, Chocolate and Gold $49.99

Anya Hindmarch for Target Medium Python Satchel $44.99

Anya Hindmarch for Target Small Python Hobo $34.99

Anya Hindmarch for Target Small Flap Bag $29.99

Let me know your thoughts.


For those in the UK that are interested. Ebay. Found some good options with fair prices, if you like them, just email the sellers and confirm shipping costs.


If for some reason, they're not working as links so just copy and paste. 120329470471 350115234918 350115251848 120329470471


Dropsofglamour said...

Yummy bags! So what about those of us who no get target nko! lol.

How lucky are you - getting to be in America at such an historic moment plus going to Maxwell's show!! Please post your clips :-)

My dream job would be a retail buyer so if you know anyone, point them in my direction :-)

So you went to CSM too? A designer named Kamwar is the teacher on my course. Is it just me or did you expect the school to be ultra modern and swanky with inspiration splashed all over the walls. Ha ha ha! It looks ancient! They've got a mini version of the Ken Saro Wiwa living memorial bus in their window display which is cool.

Tiger Tem said...

@dropsofglamour...ok, added some ebay links for you. Great prices so take a look. I'll ask around on the job front for you and see if anyone knows anyone. I totally expected CSM to look a hell of a lot more high tech and modern, instead of ancient and freezing cold!

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

It's nice!!!! I like the whole lot

2hot4fendi said...

lmao @ tha ba washbags finding their way 2 everyone's homes.
Spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Tem said...

@2hot4fendi....and I know I'm not the only one that got bounced to the back of the plane when I hit full fare age!

Anonymous said...

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