Friday, November 14, 2008

Global Street Style - Buenos Aires

So the next stop on the Tiger Bites world tour is Buenos Aires.

What do you think of when you think Argentina?

I think of huge ranches called Fincas, and these huge brooding insanely healthy looking horses, polo, steak, the blue-white-blue flag, female President Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner....not sure of her story but that surname does sound like one of those old money names. Aha, just checked, she's teh wife of their former president...I guess she managed to pul of what Hilary tried and failed to do. Nice job, keep that shizzle in the family. She is unfeasibly glamorous looking for a President....just an observation.

See what I mean?

Anyway, I think of Patagonia, Pampas...Eva Peron, and their most famous writer (I think) Jorge Luis Borges.

In terms of style I didn't know what to expect and must say it seems to be quite a mixed bag...

Jorge dapper, so suave, quite possibly my favourite of the bunch.

Francisca, 32, Producer

Cinthia, 22, Model

Cata, 19, Design Student

Calu, 24, Art Student

Matias, 23, Student

Marina, 25, Art Director

Mariana, 31, DJ

Lucas, 26, Art Director....this dude, has kahunas of steel!

Julieta, 28, Graphic Designer

Olivia...12!!!!! WTF....when did 12 year olds start looking like this?! I hope its a typo and the chica is actually 21!

Nadia, 23, PR

Milagros Schmoll, 19, one of the best known new breed of Argentine models

Matias, 23, Student

Marina, 25, Art Director....

Take a look for yourself at


pb said...

C'mon, you know that ain't no typo. That girl is 12! Have you seen the kids these days?

Anonymous said...

like pb said, kids these days look so much more mature than they should!
walk into silverbird galleria on weekends and you'll see what i mean!

i like this argentinian(?) style, even tho there doesnt seem to be a trend, its jus people wearing what they like.

Dropsofglamour said...

Yes I agree with Geisha, they all seem to be wearing what they think looks good and not following trends.

I really appreciate your help with my job wahala - i'm now debating whether to make a permanent move back to Nigeria. It's quite a scary decision to make, lol!

Anonymous said...

Babes..u are well travelled and still I give it ya...for real

Tracy said...

The thing is that most people don´t really know much about the country. The president is an icon for many of the inhabitants, but not those of the capital, who have different ideology. I have to admit that I knew little about BA when I first travelled last year. I decided to rent apartments in buenos aires and stay for a while to learn more about the culture. I was surprised by the resemblance to Europe. No wonder people call it "the Paris of South AmericA". Argentina has a nice history, having a trip there is the best way to learn.