Monday, March 31, 2008

To Buy or Not To Buy?

I love the glam glads as much as the next girl.

I love the way these look…and my finger is hovering above the 'BUY' button..but the question remains, will I ever wear them?

And FYI at £30 from its really not a big deal but this year, after sorting out my wardrobe over Xmas I realised I honestly do have WAY too much stuff.

Choice is the enemy of focus...which explains why I can still never find anything to wear when I really need to. Daily attire is easy but whenever I need to do anything else...dinner/drinks/cocktail party...and all of a sudden I have nothing to wear.

So I guess what they say is true, whoever said retail therapy doesn't work, just didn't know where to shop.

P.s. Things are moving swiftly along with Ikeja and we might just be able to open for business next Monday! Will keep you all posted.


shop liquorice said...

if you haven't already bought them (lol), i would humbly suggest that you might want to wait. gladiators are big this season - heck, they're cool, period - so new takes on the trend will emerge soon, including more practical offerings. not that this pair is impractical, but if you're looking to wear them often (or at all, lol) something good-to-go/'everyday' might be a better 'investment'.

Naija Chickito said...
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Naija Chickito said...

I know exactly how you feel. But If you feel you have way too much stuff, then you probably do. You must buy only pieces, you absolutely need and are sure to wear. (At least,for a

Congrats on the Ikeja boutique.


anonymous gal said...

No not to buy. resist. like shop said new beta trends will emerge.

Renaissance man said...

Gladiators all the way. These shoes are banging saw someone wear it at The Ivy two nights ago. Serious!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

BUY em... i think they're gorgeous... lol... i just bought something similar yesterday (went to new york to shop... it probably shows how much of a 'shoefreak' i am cos i came back with 6 shoes, one gorgeous tote and absolutely no clothes... but then again that probably has something to do with the fact that i started going to the gym recently and have no idea wat the new gorgeous-er' body will look like... and like u while fixing my place over the weekend realized i have WAYYYY too many clothes... some still with tags dating as far back as 2005. My dilemmas different tho.. i have too many clothes for clubs, weddings, cocktails that sort of thing cos those are the first things my eyes go to in any store... but day to day clothes... other than jeans and tees and heels... not really much variety(ill probably start working on that)

Tiger Tem said...

@shop...ha ha ha. You guessed right. I bought them about 2 minutes after posting them on my blog! my world shoes fall into 2 categories, day and night. And they all get a good rotation. And I think these babies work for both when worn with the right outfit.

@naija...Thanks. Will post pics as soon as Ikeja is ready. I'll do a home makeover style post with before and after pics!

@anon..resistance is futile! I love them even more now than I did when I first saw them! And...lets not forget fashion is what's on offer, style is a personal choice. I'll take stylish over fashionable any day.

@Renaissance..from the Ivy to my feet in Lagos....Viva las gladiatoras!

P!NK & RUFFLES said...

To definitely buy....i know u must have anyway!!!!