Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tiger Tem....decor idea

Doing mad research on decor ideas for the next Tiger Tem and I found this rather fabulous picture.

Its extremely unlikely I'll have a huge piano in there but I love the colors, proportion and print. And that dark brown it!


I'm not talking about the Ikeja one, that's already been decided...I'm talking about the next island boutique, which is still very undecided!


delabique said...

nice decor idea..... really fabulous.

just make sure u get d right workmen to reproduce the look

Wish u d very best with your new ikeja location and also that u find a good site for the next island store

Tiger Tem said...

@delabique..right workmen? Does such a thing exist here? ha ha ha. I've learnt a thing or two about how to deal with workmen and the key seems to be to hassle the hell out of them so they actually just want to get the job done and leave.

Fingers crossed for VI...will be keeping you all posted. I've been looking at a few options and so far no joy...but I'll get there.


fab decor idea darling! I can see Tiger Tem products right at home in somewehere like that.

Naija Chickito said...

How about one in Abuja? lol. Just asking.

Great idea for the decor. Sexy and sophisticated.

Ms.Minx said...

IKEJA??? U just made my heart drop...I'm worried for my wallet when u open, lol.
Good luck and keep up the fab job!! Thanks for stopping by my page!!

Oyinkan said...

I really like the mocha walls and if you haven't thought of it, in terms of visual merchandising, u could get those head statues in a prettier female version (maybe something antique looking)and hang necklaces on them.

Goodluck with it gurl, you're a hard worker.

Tiger Tem said...

@naija chickito...abuja would be good but not too sure about manning the logistics of that. My best bet would be to have another boutique carry my line...offers welcome!

@ms minx...well, we'll be very happy to see your wallet open!

Tiger Tem said...

@oyinkan...always love a good bit of advice from the pros...thanks for that! And I don't work nearly hard enough!

Tiger Tem said...

FYI everyone, the Ikeja branch is teeny so won't be as dark and sexy a colour as the brown in the picture. That's reserved for the next VI location.

But I will be showing ikeja its due respect and love and will be delivering all sorts of fabulousness...fret not!

tee said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the TigerTem vibe was 'all things bright and beautiful'? Maybe I'm overgeneralizing, lol. If that's the theme/vibe, I'm not sure how this fits into that. But if it isn't and you're going for a more upscale vibe or feel, this layout works and rocks!

All the best with everything!

Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

@tee...well observed. My All Things Bright And Beautiful theme (I love that so will most definitely be using that!)...applies to my collections. To maximise the strength of colour I can't go too crazy with the walls otherwise the products will be competing with the paint...which can't be a good idea! I'm definitely going for a more upscale feel so hopefully this will be achieved. Its a little harder with Ikeja as its small but I'll do it anyway.

2hot4fendi said...

wld send u an e-mail soon
(about an abuja boutique carrying ur line)
just need to search out ur e-mail addy 1st...

Tiger Tem said...! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Think I should do an event in Abuja, I haven't been there for YEARS and I think its about time.

Venue suggestions anyone?