Saturday, March 22, 2008

Location, location, location

Today went really well. Nigerians officially love GoldenBleu!

We had a good turnout and sold a lot more than I expected so I'm happy.

I mentioned a while ago that Tiger Tem would be relocating this year. Well, the time for that is getting sooner. I'm not renewing my lease on our current Musa Yaradua property. After initially thinking a mall might be a good idea and speaking to a few people about it, I've vetoed it.

Ultimately I want Tiger Tem to retain a degree of exclusivity and be a 'destination' boutique. The quirky nature of what I do would be lost in the intrinsically homogenous nature of a mall. AND I must add there's too many people doing some approximation of accessories in most malls so I feel that would devalue my brand. Tiger Tem's only going to be more upscale with time so I might as well continue on the same thread now.

I'm not carrying on with the Tea Room. Its not a scalable plan and I'd like all branches of Tiger Tem to be fundamentally similar enough to be instantly recognisable. So I want a smaller space, but I don't want a stand alone building....far too much hassle and boy oh boy have I learnt that lesson.

So readers, I'm asking for suggestions. What are your suggestions, thoughts, ideas on where I should move my Island brand of Tiger Tem to?

I happily say Island branch as I'm opening an Ikeja branch off Allen, next month. Which has highlighted the importance of fundamental similarities.

So....your thoughts please.


BOBBY said...

I think opening a new branch is a great idea and i am sad you are not continuing with the tea room. When i came in, my mouth hung open because i was taken away by the beauty of the tea room and how delicate it looked. Really loved it.

Hadnt been to naija in well over 10 years and to see your spot was just fantastic.

Whatever you do, i trust Tiger Tem will always be just as fabulous.


shop liquorice said...

not sure if lagos has a 'strip' of/for cosortium boutiques, but i think tiger tem would be right at home @ said strip and still stand out on the strength of the brand. that's about the only compromise i can think of. there could be others. and if nothing of the sort exists, you can start the trend...

the off allen branch is a splendid idea, by the way!

like bobby said, the tea room is a fantastic idea...and i understand your point about why it's a little 'problematic'. however, i think it's part of your appeal so how about keeping it in your flagship store?

Tiger Tem said...

@ bobby...thank you! Such kind words of encouragement....will rethink about how to scale down the tea room. maybe literally just tea and cookies. And here's to mainatining fabulousity!

@shopliquorice...hmm. No such thing as yet. Landlords here for the most part spend too mcuh time smoking cheap drugs to be reasonable enough for that to happen in the near future! I think the Allen branch will work well as its on the same site as Bobby's salon (he's one of the most popular hairstylists in the country...ladies if you can, i urge you to see him work his magic on your hair!). Will think about the Tea room idea. Lets see.


i second, bobby is a fabulous guy, he does my hair!!1 will look out for tiger tem!!

i also think u should keep the tea room in d flagship store (wherever u move to) ive been in there once and i was impressed and ithink ppl generaly remember d tea room once u say tiger tem.

SET said...



Anonymous said...

have you thought of Pees Galleria? take care of the parking space problem which is such an issue with most naija stores- you can buy /lease a rent upstairs or downstairs, it has the quietness other 'malls' lack so you could still be exclusive to that extent.... the ambience is very calming and depending on which one you get, you can have your own seperate entrance to the building. Security is taken care of and its location on osborne by 2nd avenue means clients can come in from either the island or the mainland easily...

Tiger Tem said...

@36 inches...bobby is just fabulous isn't he? Will see what I can do with the Tea Room but I think it depends on space a lot.

@SET...big things poppin and little things stoppin (must confess...not entirely sure I understood it the way T.I. meant it!).

@Judith...thank you. Will take a look at that tomorrow.

Uzo said...

Wait a minute...You know that Bobby's is moving right? That's my will Tiget Tem be at IHC? Either way, its great and accessible for me....

Tiger Tem said...

@ uzo...yes I just found out but he'll be just round the corner so I'll have a word with him about cross promotion. Either way Ikeja always gets ignored so time to show some love!