Friday, March 14, 2008

Ready for your close up?

So yesterday at Tiger Tem was the most fabulously fun day.

Why? Because then entire day we had a camera crew in there with us. The Soundcity team are launching a new channel, Spice TV, that's billed to be the African E! and the program being filmed at Tiger Tem is a hybrid of The Fabulous Life of and Cribs. Which sounded like far too much fun and free publicity to pass up on. The channel's being launched in April and Tiger Tem has top billing for the show. Will confirm when it will be aired as soon as I know.

Its the first time I've been the focal point of what's happening on a TV set, I've been to a couple before when I was much younger and obsessed with the idea of being an MTV Producer. So lights, camera, action. And oh my is that a hell of a lot more complicated than it look!

Exec Producer Kemi Adetiba was fabulous as she was pretty clear on what she wanted and it felt like a true meeting of minds. I LOVED every second of it...well apart from how HOT it got under the lights. Next time I'll have to be a lot more vain and get hair and make-up in to 'look after me'!!! I felt a little unprepared as the original plan had been to shoot a few days later but due to conflicting was game on.

Anyway here are a sneak peek pics of the 'set', even I have to say Naomi and Lex and Tiger Tem did a sterling job of helping me make sure the place looked absolutely FABULOUS!

Mic check, one two, one two.

The fabulous fabulous GoldenBleu bags on display in the Tea Room.

Creative use of a fabulously sexy carving. And yes, the carving's for sale too.

Naomi, an invaluable member of Tiger Tem staff.

I'll post more pics tomorrow...tired now.


Ladi said...

Thats awesome!!!! Good for Tiger...Nigeria's Kitson maybe???

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC :) kemi is a fabulous and accomplished young lady, as are you! question - tigertem is the set for the entire show or it was featured for the first episode or both?

Anonymous said...

also, who's your ISP in lagos? you blog quite a bit so i figure they must be pretty good, no? please let me know so i can make the switch PRONTO! dial-up = death.


Tiger Tem said...

@ladi....thank you and yes, I'd love to be something like the African Kitson. That's actually pretty spot on.

@anon..isn't she? Tiger Tem was the set for the entire show as it was featured for the first episode

@anon..swift. They're pretty damn good as far as I can tell....speedy service when you have problems too.

Stephanie said...

Thats fantastic!!!!I'm thinking you've moved or changed the whole layout of your place?It looks different and definitely more FABULOUS than i remeber.Go Tiger Tem.

2hot4fendi said...

good 4 u chica!
Was that u in the blue dress?
Loved d golden bleu array,
hope I get 2 view some spice Tv when I'm in 9ja...

NikkiSab said...

I like, I like!!!!!! Tiger Tems is keeping u on top in 9ja's soundcity style network!!! Welldone and goodluck

Naija Chickito said...

One word. FIERCE!

Uzo said...

Ooooooooh fabulous dahling....

Let us know when it will be airing...Those bags look too hot for words..Are you open tomorrow?

Bella Naija said...

Wow...that is pretty cool.
Kemi is doing a great job....
Spice sounds like a great idea
Nigeria mos def needs an E! type channel...cant wait


looks ab fab honey!Love the sound of it and the photo's.

Naija Vixen said...

Aww good on you babes, you sure deserve it! On a sidenote I heart the Turquoise/black lizard cluthc...fab!

Tiger Tem said...

@stephanie...amazing what a lick of paint can do!

@2hot4fendi..yes, i'm the little devil in the blue dress.


@naijachickito..thank you! ha ha ha

@uzo..will keep everyone posted on when it will air and yes we're open everyday except Sundays. thoughts precisely.


@naijvixen...pimping ain't easy!

DAV!D said...

SpiceTV sounds wicked! I love the idea! TigerTem rocks eh?

Your Tea Room is soo pretty, can't believe I didn't visit during xmas! Good luck with everything! =)


Tiger Tem said...

@Dav!d...thank you. The next two locations will be just as if not more fabulous so I'll keep you posted.