Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Putting the Funk in Dysfunctional

Just saw this and its one of those super strong images that's bound to provoke a lot of response.

Maybe that's the point...to court controversy.

Is it just me or is all this overexposure of sex, drugs and rock n roll just desensitising society?

Paris does a porno/or was it two? DUI goes to jail...whatever
Find God....but can't remember any passages that 'moved' her. Right. Parish.

Lindsay/paris/britney/hollywood gloryhounds commando shots ..we're over it.(who actually gets out of a car with their legs wide open anyway? You'd think they'd know about legs locked and swing em over...? no?)

Nicole..looking skinny, skinnier, skinniest...then pregnant and in jail? ....so what? just another day in the life of your average Hollyhood chick.

Lindsay out partying/off her head/ DUI/Rehab/out partying/off her head/ DUI/Rehab/out partying/off her head/ DUI/Rehab/out partying/off her head/ DUI/Rehab

Pete Doherty in court again for crack/smack/whatever he's on- possession...so what's new?

Pearl Lowe's tell all book about about her coke/crack/smack habit/swingers parties...yawn.

Anyone else notice Amy Winehouse didn't get really big until she got really, really messed up. Anorexia/Self harm. The rehab song is great but clearly she needs help. No?

And I don't even know where to start on Britney. But I can say I don't think its funny anymore, she's really in dire need of some very serious help. Has it occured to any of the Dirt style mags that she's suffering undetected Post-natal depression? Nope, not interesting enough.
Do you see what I mean? None of its even remotely surprising anymore.

While its alright for me, when I read a magazine, I just flick through to the nice clothes and pretty pictures. Celeb pictures are really just about the outfits....I don't really care who did what or who did who.

But what about the 12 year olds who are still working out right from left? It looks like crime (50 cent, Akon etc etc) and bad behaviour pays.

Or maybe i'm just getting old and need to get off my soapbox.

Your thoughts?


Bella Naija said...

First!!! Yay LOL
I love celeb goss as much as the next girl but its getting painful to watch, I cringe when I see Britney’s antics….its scary that some of these girls are losing their minds…
That said, I think that for those who had some sort of talent (Lindsay, Amy Winehouse etc..)….the shock tactics will eventually only diminish their value and ruin their careers…
While desperate wannabes like Paris, Nicole (I love Nicole but why is she famous?), Kim Kardashian (sp?) will benefit from the DUI/Jail Time/X Tapes now, they will soon fizzle out and never be heard from again until they are featured in a VH1 reality show for washed up celebs…
Its so so so sad that young girls (not just teenagers, some twentysomethings too) look up to these people…puzzling
Interesting post

butterfliesandstars said...

YaY!!! Tiger Tem has a blog!!! It's about time. Never miss my Thisday style and love shoes almost as much as you do!
Sure your blog would be great!

Guess these girls really believe the saying that "any publicity is good publicity" and just do as they want without thinking about the consequences believing that they'd just get more popular...
The world really needs a wake up call and rehad from Hollywood, maybe?

P.S. Got it on first try but you didn't put the blog name in the style...

butterfliesandstars said...

* rehab from Hollywood...

Tiger Bites from Tiger Tem said...

Hi, glad to know this articles strikes a chord with you guys. And as i type the insane hype around the most dysfunctional is just increasing at such an alarming rate...how many magazine covers is amy winehouse on this week? The media needs to stop encouraging them