Saturday, July 7, 2007

Such A Tease

Getting started on the artwork for the tshirt orders. Its seriously time consuming and lord knows how i keep coming up with slogans that look good and people want to buy but somehow I manage. It ain't easy though! The idea of only doing one of each was great when I started and had loads and loads of ideas. But 2 years later and I've lost count of how many tshirts later but its A LOT...and its getting a little bit harder but then again, what's life without a good challenge.

When Tiger Tem started, my byline was Looks Good Enough To Eat...which I was later informed went over a lot of people's heads but que sera.

Xmas 05 I was inspired by the food theme and did a range of tshirt 'flavours' and flirty in that Tiger Tem way, they all sold out which was cool. I'll try to load up some pics in a minute so you can get a taste...ha ha ha. I'm digging through the archives so I'm going to pick out a handful of my don't get the full feel of the tshirts without actually seeing them but just to give you an idea of what they're like...

Summer 05
Cancel My Subscription Cos I Don't Need Your Issues
Thinking Bad Thoughts
I Feel A Sin Coming On
Besa Mi Culo

Xmas 05 - The Foodie collection
It Tastes Just Like Candy
Cupcake (small, scrumptious and perfectly formed)
Caramel Deluxe (smooth, sweet and delightfully rich)
Ambidextrous (that was a gift to Mr T......)

Summer 06
I'll show you mine if you show me yours
Melts In Your Mouth Not In Your Hand
you couldn't get enough of this if you tried

Xmas 06
Proudly Nigerian
Spread Love - The Nigerian Way

I Am The After Party
I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation

For my January Collection - the money collection, my two favourites were
Black is the new Blonde
The Good, The Bad but I say no to The Ugly.
But it was called the money collection as I found all the old Nigerian bank notes and had them printed on the tshirts. And if you look closely, they all have a Tiger Tem watermark.

One of the best bits with Tiger Tem tshirts is seeing who chooses what. Its always a trip for me when I see pictures somewhere random and someone's wearing one of my tshirts. LOVE IT!!

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