Friday, August 29, 2008

Ballerina look so lovely

I'm on the lookout for the perfect ballet pumps. I bought the perfect pair many moons ago, blush snakeskin Pedro Garcia (before he got super popular and super expensive) and I swear they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. BUT, I've had them for ages and worn them to death and it broke my heart when the cobbler said they had to be laid to rest.

Ever since, I've been on the quest for the perfect pair. I've tried many but many have failed. The deal with flat shoes is comfort obviously and I don't know what's up with the shoes or my feet but the vast majority rub at the back and give me blisters....boooo.

Sadly Pedro Garcia don't seem to do anything remotely similar to my fabulous blush snakeskin pair. And I want leather...satin ones are cute but tap one toe in a puddle and they're done.

I found these Pedro Garcia pumps on They're probably the closest thing to what I had that I've seen, but they're gold so I'm not a fan and they're $375 (down from $625)...and surely mine weren't that much. If I plonked that much moolah down on a pair of flat pumps I think I'd remember.

These are both supercute and from Pedro Garcia but they're fabric. And a little too cutesy perhaps.
The left pair in shimmery gold were $375 now 129

The right pair are a bronzey satin were $350 now 140

Now these are cute as well but somehow $395 for a pair of sequin covered ballet pumps just sounds like too much. And you know with time those sequins would start falling off.

These sparkly ballerinas from And at £30 I could suck it up with the satin.

Jessica Simpson's shoe collection is surprisingly good. Yes i did really just say that. These space age patent silver ballerinas with a slight wedge could work, I need to get up close and personal to decide on that. They're down from $75 to $45 on

This Steve Madden pair are supercute and the gold isn't too bling so they work. AND they're reduced to $18!

These snakeskin Eden from Nine West are supercute and I got them in bright pink and everywhere I go everyone asks me where I got them....but they're not that comfortable. Booooo. But they are a bargain from $69 they're now only $29.

These Steve Maddens are great for work, they're quite proper and preppy which we like, and they've got a slight heel which is great for longer jeans.

Cole Haan has been pimping that Nike Air technology for longer than I can remember. I haven't tried a pair yet...any opinions anyone? But these are cute, quirky and preppy. From $195 down to $95

These are a cute alternative to ballerinas. The slight wedge makes them great for longer jeans and work. Steve madden beatitt wedge moccasin $69 now 39

And on my search, I stumbled upon Old Navy and holy moly they're got a great selection. I'm a little dubious about the comfort level of budget leather....but i might just give it a go anyway.

How fabulous are these? And at only $24.50 per pair!
I'm liking the beige on the left the most, but the taupe in the middle are more muted, then we've got the purple on the right which I would love if they were plain.

And if that wasn't confusing enough now we've got the chocolate, earl grey and black pair to chose from too. I think I prefer the colours of the first set though. A little more cute and a little less serious.

Then we've got the Old Navy Patent Ballerina selection. I'm loving the Citrus yellow, but black and grey always work. And they've been reduced from $19.50 to $12.99 so why stop at one pair?

Or Navy, Kelly Green or Black? How's a girl to choose?

I See You Baby....

A little fashion inspiration for the weekend.

My weekly round up of people papped out and about looking fabulous....yeah, I see you baby.

I'm rather partial to the strapless slim fitted dress. And Kate Beckinsale shows us why....its just so friggin fabulous!

Everyone's favourite little LA crumpet, Rachel Bilson looking cute as a button in her Myne Ikat skirt.

Camila 'what baby weight' Alves, looking f.a.b.o.u.l.o.u.s. at the Kitson launch of her handbag line Muxo.

Solange, looking cute and quirky. I think she's finally getting into her fashion stride. Me likey.

America Ferrera looking rather fetching in her DVF dress and Louboutins.

I'm not sure what exactly Emmanuelle Chriqui is famous for...she's an actress right? Anyway I'm loving this Lotta dress on her. And I must say she has a knack for always looking fabulously turned out on the red carpet.

Katherine McPhee looking like the virginal vixen in this fabulous Ports 1961 dress. Love it.

Kelly looking cute as a country and western singer in her skinny jeans and Dolce & Gabbana shirt.

Lake Bell (another...who is she?) but I'm loving this look. The cheap as chips American Apparel skirt, vintage shirt, vintage belt and she ups the ante with the Ferragamo pumps and I'm in all types of love with that Kara Ross clutch.

Christina Milian not missing a beat with a photo op with Lance Bass. She always look cute. I guess being slam dunked in the deep end of the good gene pool always helps.

See? The strapless slim fit strikes again. Fab. Lauren rocks in her Mason by Michelle Mason ivory dress.

Malin Ackerman (who are these people?) looking fabulous in one of my understated favourite designers, Amanda Wakely. Amanda Wakely is for people like love the quiet whisper of luxury not the rambunctious cacophony of cash provided by the full on mega watt ber-ling of people like Dolce & Gabbana (I love them too though!)

Ignore the decidedly frumpy hair and Maria Menounos (who? I'm not being rude, I actually don't know what these people do) is looking fierce in his Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Maria Bello, I think she just turned 40something...can you believe that? Anyway she's looking like the MIWTLL (Mother I Want To Look Like) in this fabulous monochrome creation.

Minka Kelly (who?) wears the hell out of this white dress. A white dress is so hard to pull off, for smart occasions, but she gets an A+ for this baby. Love the bright blue Louboutins.

I think I need to start watching more TV or something as I honestly have no clue who these women are, but they make it onto TigerBites as they look so friggin fabulous.

Last but not least is Monet Mazur who's looking tres glam in her Issa dress, Chanel jewellery and Stella McCartney clutch.

Have a good weekend people and as always if you can't be good, have fun being bad.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You May Kiss The Bride?

I found these pics doing my rounds today and I just had to share. The wedding looks beautiful, and it was small with only 19 guests....but as great as the two brides look... something just looks a little off!

Anyway, here you go, have a look and share your thoughts.

Here come the brides! An ecstatic Ellen DeGeneres, 50, and longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi, 35 (both in custom-made Zac Posen designs), swapped "I do's" during an intimate candlelit ceremony held at their L.A. home on Aug. 16. Getting married "is not something we've ever taken for granted," says de Rossi. "That we get to do this, it means a lot."

"I'm the luckiest girl in the world," says DeGeneres of her "soul mate" de Rossi, as the couple enjoy an intimate moment to themselves. "She's now officially off the market. No one else gets her. And now she'll cook and clean for me."

DeGeneres and de Rossi share a laugh between bites of a vegan red-velvet wedding cake from baker Sweet Lady Jane. Their big day was filled with sweet moments – and emotion – as the couple exchanged personal vows in front of 19 of their closest friends and relatives. Says de Rossi, "The love we felt from the people surrounding us, and the love we have for each other, made it the most beautiful and emotional day."

DeGeneres and de Rossi take time out for a newlywed moment before their reception. Following dinner, the couple danced to their favorite love song, Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky." DeGeneres also surprised her bride with an acoustic performance by one of her favorite singers, Joshua Radin.

DeGeneres and de Rossi, who exchanged platinum wedding bands designed by Neil Lane (who also designed de Rossi's marquis-cut diamond engagement ring), have eyes only for each other as their guests join them for an intimate sit-down dinner.

During the reception, the 19 guests and the couple sat along a long table filled with floral centerpieces of Ecuadorian roses and café au lait dahlias created by L.A. florist Mark's Garden and dined on vegetable spring rolls and miniature "beef" sliders from the all-vegan menu prepared by the couple's personal chef David Silberkleit.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stripper Chic

There's a new trend hotting up on the horizon and it toes the line with looking like the wrong sort of professional.

But you know what, done well (relatively speaking), and clearly with kahunas of can look rather fabulous.

Today I'm focusing on the love of latex. Like marmite it seems to be a love hate thing...take a look at these pictures and let me you love it?

First up, we have La Moss doing what she does best, making the most unlikely outfit look a little fabulous.

Never one to miss a style beat, Rihanna has been wearing the hell out of her Members Only liquid leggings....

Members Only was a hot menswear brand in the 80s that has relaunched and seen massive success with their latex leggings. Here they are paired with a Members only bomber jacket.

Here the culprits are in their full glory. Members Only liquid leggings for $88. I'm so loving the name....liquid leggings.

See what a difference styling can make? The Kova and T cardigan with the Members Only liquid leggings tones down the look.

And a more wallet friendly version from American Apparel are $42/£35.

But wait, nobody toes the lowbrow line as well as American Apparel so if liquid leggings ain't your thing, how about a liquid skirt?

They've called it the Shiny Late Night Mini, just in case you were in any doubt as to when to wear it.

Only $32. And it comes in purple as well. I think this would look fabulous in winter with black tights and some black patent shoes and something really simple like a black tshirt.

Or gold if that's more your thing.

But if you're more comfortable toeing the lowbrow line with a more highbrow name, try this latex skirt from Kova and T. From Singer 22 at $209. Love this look on Nicky.

And a closer look at the Kova and T skirt. With a touch of good styling, not so scary is it?

And while we're on the topic of stripper chic....

How about these distinctly Carrie-esque mesh heels from asos for £35?

Or add a touch of gothic glamour with these black lace gloves...which I am so buying right them.

Kova and T lace leggings for $129 from Singer 22.

And I'm loving these zip up leggings from LNA for $108. Don't know if I'll buy them or wear them, but I love the way they look.