Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's the R&B without the R?

(R. Kelly leaving a Chicago court last week)

Looks like the Pied Piper of R&B has been playing his little tune for a while as allegations of him thinking the young Summer Bunnies had that Vibe go back as far as 1991.

Apparently fellow singer Alex Shipton turned him on like a neon light with her Honey Love…as they were married in 1994, which they both deny.

He showed Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number as they rocked Back and Forth then secretly married. The rumour was denied but Vibe magazine made sure the story wasn’t Trapped In The Closet as they published a copy of their marriage licence. Which also showed Aaliyah’s age had been falsely listed as 18 when she was actually 15.

R. kelly has made no bones about the fact that he like to get his freak on Like A Real Freak. He doesn’t see anything wrong with a little Bump & Grind and a touch of Hump Bounce while he’s Feeling on your Booty. But the biggest problem of all is this Unfinished Business with young girls which makes him Rise Up when he hears Your Body Calling.

I’m sure he’s wondering If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time to the day he decided to show The Real R.Kelly and give his protégé Sparkle’s niece a golden shower while she was Home Alone. On camera.
In June 2002, Kelly was indicted in Chicago for 21 counts of having sex with a minor, which were later reduced to soliciting a minor for child pornography, seven counts of videotaping the acts, and seven counts of producing child pornography. These charges came after viewing the tapes showed that there was no actual sexual intercourse involved. Kelly still faces 14 of the charges.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any Happy People who can help save him. Looks like Robert’s been having a Fiesta as he enjoyed The Best of Both Worlds as his sexual procilivites were kept Down Low.

Did You Ever Think that Robert would have been keeping this type of secret Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) for sooooo long?

And when we Thought The Storm Was Over..we find out in addition to the charges in Illinois, Kelly was being considered for further charges in Polk county Florida on January 23, 2003 on 12 counts of possession of child pornography when authorities alleged to have found a digital camera containing 12 pictures of an underage female with three of them showing Kelly and her engaged in intercourse. These claims were never proven, and the charges were dropped after the search that led to them was ruled illegal.

Andrea Lee Kelly must have moved her body like a Snake as she did a Slow Wind giving him that toot, toot and that beep, beep. She’d been a backup dancer that made it from the show, to the after party, then after party, it’s the hotel lobby. I guess she must have been a football coach the way she got him playing field as she got pregnant; they decided to go Half On A Baby and got married. She’s the mother of his son and two daughters.

Now R.Kelly and his wife are legally separated, but are in the process of getting a divorce. Bounce, bounce, bounce….

In November 2007, Kelly's longtime publicist, Regina Daniels, decided she’d done enough Steppin In The Name Of Love as issued a statement announcing she had resigned her position. "I have always prided myself on professionalism, respect and loyalty," Daniels said. "I ended my relationship with Kelly because there are some lines you just don't cross." Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy? Guess not for her.

The Kelly case has dragged on for five years without a trial and finally a trial date has been set for May 9. Kelly, 40, has pleaded not guilty to the charges and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Kelly risked arrest last month when he missed a court date. I guess he found a pretty mama when he was just in town for the weekend, looking for a little trouble to get into. And she probably had him busy singing thoia, thoia, thoia thong.

Last week the prosecution wanted a developmental paeditrician to testify that the girl allegedly on the tape, denying it was her, is a classic symptom of victims of child abuse.

Ok, clearly I'm poking fun at the case which is very serious and very disturbing. Why he started to call himself the Pied Piper is beyond me. The fact that Robert is a musical genius is one that isn’t questioned. He’s been churning out hit after hit since I was a kid. And while he’s had his hits, its astounding the number of hits he’s written for other people. Fortunate, Clubbin, Girlfiend, Hotel, You Are Not Alone, I’m Your Angel, Giggolo and many, many, many, many, many more.

What’s the R&B without the R? I’m guessing we’ll have to find out as from where I’m sitting looks like Kells is going down.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What A Waist

Patricia Field is a certified trend setter and now that I’ve had the pleasure of watching my 4th episode of Cashmere Mafia, I can definitely say if the belt was big before…this season its gonna get HUGE.

The waist cinching belt has an uncanny ability to create an hourglass figure on anyone. Wide, skinny, bright and bold. Its all about the waist.

Go wide if you’re wider and narrower ones work better on slimmer frames.

For daytime, I think the more neutral coloured belts work best. But if you want a little more oomph, choose something with texture like one of those fabulous woven belts that we all see everywhere...just pick the right colour with a cuter than standard buckle to set up apart in the style stakes. Or choose one of the more muted metallics.

They look fabulous worn with a simple shift dress, over a nice shirt...but one of my current favourite looks is over a cute tank and cardigan. So simple, so stylish and so damn sexy in that pulled together way...which is what we're all about this season ladies.By night, take it up a notch, bring on the bling, its the shimmery sparkly details that make an evening outfit pack that punch. If your belt is blinging like the Diddy, just make sure you take it easy on the rest of your accessories. I love my accessories as you know and the biggest fashion crime in my eyes is to over know who you are.

In the meantime lets take some style tips from a bevy of beauties who totally have their finger on the fashion pulse.

This dark brown two tone croc leather belt from Tiger Tem is a perfect day time belt.

Love this belt from Tiger Tem and yes that's me wearing it. Its on my hips but the girl that bought it strapped it round her waist and looked fierce.

This one went too. A very prominent figure in Lagos society. Love her style, she keeps its young and fresh by coming into places like Tiger Tem (she calls us her best kept secret). And she's got some a badass figure this belt looked fabulous on her.

I'm so in love with this belt. Its by a brand called Elegantly Waisted and they do a wide range of colours and widths...and they're all obi style belts. Love them!

This is Kathleen from America's Next Top Model. Looking unbelievably hot. Can you see how having the belt around her waist makes her body look like an hourglass....and make her legs look even longer.

This is a runway pic from J-Lo's proper line Sweetface. I'm loving the so-damn-sexy-effect the wide cream belt has on this dress. I think I'll try that one.

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. The dress, the yellow belt, the orange shoes. Normally a colour combo fit for a 2 year old but she's totally working the look and I love it! Anyone know who the dress is by?

Funnily enough I was asked who I'd want to play me in a film of my life and yep Thandie was my numero uno choice. Love her. And can you see how she's wearing a totally boring black dress with a rather dull brown belt and some non descript black shoes....yet she makes it look AMAZING. less is more ladies, less is more.

Rachel Bilson is probably my favourite Hollywood Hottie. She manages to look utterly fabulous without ever looking like she's tried too hard. See how that black belt ups the style stakes?

This is a pretty old pic of Vicky B but I'm loving the simplicity of the dress and how the two tone belt makes it a stellar outfit.

Everyone's favourite rocker. I think I'd be arrested if I went out wearing this but she looks fab. And for me this outfit is all about that belt. Can you see how it takes it from fabulous to abso-friggin-fabulous?

Don't know about you, but I'm off belt shopping.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fun

Here's a guaranteed laugh for a Friday for you.

Back to the fashion blogs next week. Fret not.
I'm open to suggestions so if there's anything you want to know about just post a comment.
Enjoy the weekend. I know I will!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin' (Promo Video)

Ok, I know this isn't a music blog. I'm all about fashion and other such complex issues. But I just finally remembered the name of a Daft Punk style duo that I LOVE!!! CHROMEO. They are fantastic. Ok its very 80s electrofunk...lots of vo-coder (if that's the right word). But I love it. Haven't stopped dancing around the room since I re-discovered them.

Tiger Tem LOVES Chromeo!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this track.

And is it just me or is there a Bobby Brown sample in there?

But this is the best bit. Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) is earning his PhD in French Lit from Columbia. His partner is P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel)...which leads them to easily call themselves the most successful Arab/Jewish collaboration in music.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger...UPDATE

Pneumonia has been ruled out as the cause of death of Heath Ledger.

The NYPD confirmed, and then later retracted, that Ledger had died in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment. Her rep has also denied the report.

Police discovered what they believe to be illegal drugs at his apartment.

His death may not have been a suicide, but drugs - not just sleeping pills - more likely than not also played a part in the untimely passing of Heath Ledger.

WCBS in New York is reporting that drug packets were found inside the actor's SoHo Apartment, as well as a $20 bill with narcotic residue.

Several drug packets containing an unknown substance were found listed on the official police report from the scene.

It is possible that these items didn't belong to Ledger or that he didn't ingest them on the day of his death, but several reports have stated that Heath had been battling sobriety recently.

In addition to the unknown substances, several bottles of prescription meds were discovered in Ledger's apartment, including bottles of the prescription anxiety drugs Valium and Zoloft, along with the prescription sleeping medication Ambien.

The actor's daughter, Matilda, is on her way back to New York with mom Michelle Williams, who had been filming in Sweden and is said to be "in her own world" right now.

Ledger's ex-girlfriend, Naomi Watts, has cancelled all her media appearances. The Australian actress was at Sundance to promote a new film.

Production on Heath's most recent film, the Terri Gilliam-directed The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, has been shut down.

Heath Ledger...

Hey people,

Sad news today. Heath Ledger has died from an apparent overdose at the age of 28.

Wow. I know all of Hollywood and their friends are riding the white horse more often than any body cares to admit. But for the most part, we can all easily identify the worst offenders with a lot of ease. We've become very desensitised to the stories of drug taking with people in the spot light. Too many stories, too many scandals, too many times.

This is how the conversation went when I was told.

Him: Have you heard about Heath?

Me: What about him?

Him: He died from an overdose this afternoon.

Me: (silence)

Him: Seriously

Me: No way. No. That's so sad. he's got a little girl, she's only like 2.

Are you sure it wasn't Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan?

Him: Positive

Me: Heath Ledger? I really liked Heath. Wow. That's such a shame. Are you sure?

Him: Yep. People like Amy and Lindsay won't die from an overdose. They are professional drug takers.

The crazy thing is if it was Lindsay or Amy or Britney I wouldn't have been surprised. As it was pointed out, them people are full time professionals with the dope. There's nothing recreational about it for them anymore. Those people are driving through life recklessly at top speed with both eyes on the pipe not the wheel. So if they crashed and big surprise. Sad but true.

Heath? Such a cutie. The sexy bad boy kinda cutie we all love. And really talented. There's a lot of speculation surrounding his death, which is to be expected. Partly as he's so well known, and partly as he's so young.

Some news articles I've found online claim there was presence of a 'pipe' and 'rocks' while the majority, (probably as its true) say it was 'pills'. For some reason I'm more inclined to believe it was OTC pills. How he died I'm not sure. Was it a lethal combination of pills and alcohol? Did he take too many? I just hope it was an accidental overdose. His poor family. And his daughter.

He split up with long term love, Michelle Williams towards the end of last year. Michelle is the mother of his 2 year old daughter Mia.

This news clip is from the NY Village Voice, one of the first to run the story.

The actor Heath Ledger was discovered dead, pills sprawled around his naked body, in the Broome Street apartment of Mary-Kate Olsen, the NYPD said Tuesday. According to various news accounts, the 28-year-old Australian actor appeared to be a victim of an accidental overdose or suicide.

The NYPD released a short statement that did not mention the actor by name:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tiger your Pusherman

In life we're all as happy as we decide we want to be.

Just finished reading a book and that was a key line that stuck in my mind.

Obviously good and bad things happen to the best of us, but the trick is to decide how much you let these things affect you and how you want to handle them.

Easier said than done as always but its seems like good advice to me.

So on that note, the sun's always shining in my world. If anyone says it isn't...they're not looking properly.

And when the sun's shining, what do you need? Some seriously superstar sunnies. You know, the-notice-me-but-you-can't-see-me superstar style stunnas. Sunglasses, like rings and pashminas are another obsession of mine.

And even for those of you in colder climes. Rock those sunglasses. I do. My people do. Perhaps I was born with eyes that are very sensitive to bright light, or perhaps I've made them that way now. Either way. Rain or shine. Until its dark, I have my barrier between me and the world. But if you want to wear your sunglasses at night and look like a user/dealer...go ahead.

For the most part I don't bother with the designer ones anymore. I remember so clearly one summer I had my Guccis, Gogo had her Diors, B had her Diors, Ems had her Prada, D had her Chanel. And I kid you not when I say within one week, they all went kaput! The soft padded bit that supposed to protect the bridge of your nose on mine fell off. Went to david Culow to replace. For £10. The next week the other one fell off. Nonsense. Gogo lenses kept falling out. Bobo sat on hers Ems had her nicked and D's got scratched really badly. For £150? Rubbish. And the worse part is when you see other people rocking the same sunglasses as you. Hate that!

I was hesitant about getting sunglasses into Tiger Tem. I suspected Nigerians were very attached to their labels. Too attached to buy non-label sunglasses? Luckily the answer has been a resounding NO! I don't choose fakes as that's just wack. I pick out vintage, retro style but most importantly absolutely fabulous styles on sunglasses and they've been a REALLY big hit.

Running Tiger Tem is like a being a gambler that finds they can legitimise their addiction by being a stockbroker. I'm a total shopaholic but now I get to shop for work...fantastic!

I LOVE it when I find that new thing that will be perfect for the boutique. I love it even more when I design a new bag that looks perfect in my mind, looks alright on paper (I'm not a great illustrator) and after a few samples, comes out looking perfect.

So I think you can see I'm rather excited that I've just found a new source for Tiger Tem sunnies.....I still haven't decided which ones to keep for myself. And that's always a good sign.

Which are your favourites?

These are the Curtis. I've named them after Mr Mayfield and I'm sure that name has cropped up in a number of those old school Blaxploitation films. Aviators are one of the most popular and classic shapes for sunnies. Love these mirror effect smoky grey ones. A little different from the norm...which is the look I'm usually after.

Yep, this choice was inspired by Kanyeze (Yes I think Kanye's a total prat but most people don't) but I'm calling them the Isaac (as in Hayes) as they're such bad mamma jammas. Tiger Tem is such a girly place I always forget we get loads of guys coming in too. These could work well for guys lets see how quickly they get snapped up. Not sure about the male stunna market, but let me test it out.

These fabulously vintage style sunglasses are the Georgia. That was the main chick in Superfly. So cute, so stylish and so...different. Love them. Never seen anything like them. And I'm suddenly falling in love with green a little more every day.

These are quite possibly my favourites. The Cleopatra (as in Jones..remember that film?) They look super expensive (but they're not which is what we like) with that tortoiseshell and gold detail. And the amber coloured lenses makes them so fabulous and supremely feminine.

Meet Foxy (as in Brown, no not the hussy rapper, the original bad MF..Pam Grier) With the clear pink frame and pinky amber lens these are the perfect pair of Girly Glam stunnas.

Meet Jackie (as in O..well I had to really didn't I?). Simple, stylish, sophisticated oversize sunglasses. LOVE these.

Ok, I'll be honest. Have these. In black. Oh ok, and in tortoiseshell.

And these are Queen B..who was the madam that ran the whorehouse in Dolemite. They're just so fabulous aren't they? With the diamante detail on the side. Normally i'd stay well clear of any embellishment but I am loving these babies.

These are Sydney. I know my Blaxploitation films. Sydney as in the chick in Black Belt Jones. In fact, I'm feeling rather inspired by the Blaxploitation genre. All before my I'm going to start digging through the crates and watch a few. Let me see how I can work it that style with the clutches. And the tees. Hmmm. Grabbing my sketch book. And you know I'm listening to Curtis Mayfield right now!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

M.I.M.S.....Music Is My Saviour

Music Is My Saviour. That's what his name stands for in case you didn't know.

I'm not as dramatic as to call music my Saviour but I love it and can't live without it. Seriously. My house is never quiet. My world is never quiet. The world's a much more fun place when I witness it with my soundtrack.

Anyway after posting that Snoop video and seeing the surprise a few of you expressed at my taste in music (!) here's my Top 10 Most Played songs on iTunes and my Top 10 songs I play every day right now.

Top 10 Most Played on iTunes
1. I Wanna Love You - Akon & Snoop
(Even I wouldn't have guessed that song would come out on top)

2. Superman - Robin Thicke
(Well I am his Lois Lane after all ;)

3. Fade - Solu Music - Hed Kandi 2006
(Love it, love it, love it this is what I call happy music)

4. Drop The Pressure - Mylo
(STILL love this song)

5. I'm In Luv With A Stripper Remix- T-Pain
(What was that we were saying about strip joints?....the beat, the beat, I love this it a sample? Sounds kinda like Computer Love...and R.Kelly is a friggin comedian, listen to his verse!)

6. Holiday - Madonna
(If you were at Goggle's bday do...nuff said)

7. Writers Block - Just Jack
(British it, love his accent on here, sounds a lot like The Streets)

8. Driving Me Wild - Common & Lily Allen
(Love the beat, the melody and those lyrics!)

9. Juicy - Biggie
(One of the best songs ever...I really agree with Jay-Z or whoever called him the greatest rapper alive)

10. Something About Us - Daft Punk
(Loved Daft Punk for years... way before Kanye found them)

and joint at 10 is Buena Vista Social Club - that song is an ANTHEM!

Top 10 Most Played Right Now
1. Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna
(Not a fan especially after she blew up with that ella 'ella nonsense but love this cheesefest of a song)

2. Sexual Eruption - Snoop
(Eruption is the uncensored version of Seduction..."I'm gonna take my time, she's gonna get hers before I, I'm gonna take it slow, I'm not gonna rush the stroke"...what did you think he was talking about?)

3. Mr Me Too - Clipse
(The life and times of all the big kahunas in Lagos. What was that? You too?)

4. I Want You - Common
(How hot is Alicia in this video and more to the point how hot is Common! and er, how possessed is Kerry?)

5. The Donkey Song - Will I Am & Snoop
(The MJ sample is so fabulously used took us ages to work out it was Beat It)

6. Heartbreaker - Will I Am
(Yep, just got his album...obviously as he's on this list so many times. My he's come a long way since Joints & Jams hasn't he?)

7. Hot Thing Remix - Talib Kweli
(Cos I am? he he.....never even liked a Talib Kweli song before so I'll give the props to NeYo for this one)

8. Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr
(LOVE THIS!!! that beat, its the beat)

9. If I Ever Recover - Basement Jaxx
(Love the electronic-ness of this song)

10. Wanna Be Startin Something 2008 - Will I Am & Akon
(LOVE this song, if you told me I'd like an Akon cover of an MJ song I'd have laughed in your face...eating my words)

The big surprise for me is I'm not an Akon fan yet his name pops up on my list most frequently (on production as well). Seems like a prat but met him in the lounge and as unexcited as I was, he sat opposite me and my mum and he was very nice. Highly entertaining. Even my mum thought so. Even though she called him Acorns.

Pashmina Mafia

I'm a huge pashmina fan so I couldn't care less how many times Vogue says they're in or out. After being relegated to fashion Siberia for far too long (still rocked the hell out of mine) I've noticed they seem to be coming back with a vengeance!

Me and my girls are the Pashmina Mafia because we all love them unconditionally and my BFF is one of the only people who I suspect has more pashminas than me! You know who you your holiday pics you're wearing a different one in every pic!
Every now and then (more often than I like to admit) something catches my eye and its a Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It moment. From that moment I'm on a frenzied mission to find my object of attention. When I saw this pic of SJP on Popsugar with this leopard print pash...I just knew I had to have one.

I can breathe now as I've found one. Well 5 actually.

Obsessive? Moi?

Truth is I loved them so much I decided to get a few extra for Tiger Tem.

Here are my many reasons why I love my pashminas.

1. There's a big difference between a proper pashmina and the cheap cack they sell in bayswater. the real ones are light as air, soft as a feather and so warm its incredible and they don't crease. 100% pashmina costs a fortune so find a pashmina blend.

2. They are my staple flying companions...the blanket covers my bottom half and my pashmina covers my top half and I'm snug as a bug.

3. I forgot my pashmina in a friend's car once and you would have thought it was my wallet the way I hassled the hell out of them to get it back (and I probably have about 10 but that one was my flying pashmina and I was jetting off a couple of days later!)

4. I have 10 because I've bought them in the Middle East and India. You can get great pashmina blends (with a very high pashmina content - its best blended with cashmere) for a great price in the most fantastic colours and prints. I love my fuchsia, the baby pink, the turquoise, the damson, the coral, the giant violet (perfect for flying - its huge), the sparkly pink (which truth me told looks very Arabian princess which is rarely the look I'm going for so as much as I love it, it usually gets usurped) and my boho red which has a fabulous boho type print with delicate beading. Hmm, that's only 8, I know I'm forgetting a couple somewhere. Oh yes, my beige one and my black one, too dry for me so I never use them (they were gifts)

5. They're the perfect scarf....and they don't mess with your hair! Seriously. My hairdresser told me pashminas are a lot kinder on the hair and don't cause as much breakage as regular wool scarves.

6. When you get to that restaurant/bar/club whatever when you take off your coat, if its still a little chilly, keep your pashmina with you.

7. I love the way a pashmina adds a bold jolt of colour/print to your it by day or by night.

8. Maybe I'll re-open a pashmina section in Tiger Tem. Pashminas are perfect in Lagos with all that supersonic air conditioning that always freezes my butt off! (Actually I had a pashmina section when I first opened Tiger Tem so maybe I'll just do it again)

And to finish are a few pics of celebs and their pashminas.

Love Rachel's style a little more every day. She gets that sexy-casual-stylish look right all the time!

Not much of a Mischa fan but her red boho pashmina looks suspiciously like mine.

Viva La Pashmina!

Tiger Tem thinks Lipstick looks a bit...

To be honest, the show I got all excited about before I even heard of Cashmere Mafia was Lipstick Jungle.

I think we can all safely say I'm a huge Sex & The City fan. The women, the clothes, the city, the storylines. That fabulous box set is still one of my most treasured Xmas presents and always a foolproof companion for sick days.

So onto Lipstick Jungle. Its the most recent book from Candace Bushnell, I've read them all and this is a friggin good read. A better read than Sex & The City to be honest (the show had a LOT of artistic licence!).

There are 3 women, they're older and they're swinging in the bigger leagues, playing ball with the big hitters, rubbing shoulders with the big kahunas. The books lets us know pretty early on that these 3 women made the top 20 New York's most powerful women

We have Nico, the flame haired editor of Bonfire a magazine that's just like Vanity Fair, (Bonfire of the Vanities, get it?). Married to a professor with a kid and finds her nomally cool, composed and totally in control self rather attracted to the latest it male model.

Then we have Victory. A hot s*&t designer who has worked her way through the ranks. Only to find out bitterly that you're only as good as your last season honey. She also has a lot of fun dating a rather obnoxious billionaire. She knows how to give as good as she gets which is entertaining to read.

And last but by no means least, we have Wendy. She'd head of New York's only film studio. Her husband is a house husband and she has 2 kids. And has a hell of a time juggling it all, nearly losing it and figuring how to stay on top.

Sounds like a recipe for the best TV show ever.

Until I heard they cast Brooke Shields. She's so not cool, funny or sexy, its not even funny. The same team that did SATC were supposed to work on Lipstick Jungle but due to lots of friction within the crew, half left (the good half i.e. Darren Star as producer and Patricia Field as stylist) to do Cashmere and the rest stuck around to do Lipstick.

And another feather in the cap for Cashmere for getting theirs out a whole MONTH before Lipstick.

I'm not a pro....but who approved this as the feature shot for the show? Its supposed to be high fashion people!!!! Just look at Brooke. WTF! And the one in the middle is supposed to be the high end designer on par with Donna, no.

There have been lots of delays so it hasn't aired yet, it airs next month but lets just say I'm not expecting it to rock my boat. What a let down.

If you haven't read it...get the book. And watch Cashmere Mafia.

Ok, ok, I'll watch one episode of Lipstick when it airs but I doubt its gonna work. Cashmere

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tiger Tem Loves Cash

Ok, its official. I finally have a show that hits the same spots Sex & The City did. Cashmere Mafia.

I might be a little premature as I've only seen two episodes.

But its TV, its entertainment, its not rocket science...and I'm really not that deep.

All I need for a great show is:
1. Fabulous outfits
2. Fabulous characters
3. Witty dialogue
4. Unexpected twists and turns ( I have a very bad habit of constantly trying to guess what's going to happen next, tres disappointing when I get it harder writers)
5. Great locations/city/set

And magically Cashmere Mafia ticks all my boxes.
The show is styled by none other than Patricia Field who made a name for herself with Sex & The City then Devil Wears Prada. Has anyone been to her store? Is it me or is it year round Halloween in there? Anyway, I digress.

Lucy Liu is hot. A total minx.
Her co-stars are hot. Total foxes.
Not a scrap of the tiresome jail-bait-supposed-sex-appeal we get smacked with in every magazine/ad/music video.

Their outfits are amazing. Its not just what they wear, its how they put it together. Those women are so damn sexy, confident, stylish and smart....its such a breath of fresh air as its been a while since we had that many hot chicks of sensible age (!) on a screen.
I am officially inspired to look hot, sexy, stylish and fierce in that undeniably grown up way that screams 'Not for kids'. Obvious budget differences notwithstanding, I'm sure I'll have fun trying!
Literally every scene I'm like Holy moly that's one hot outfit!Gadamn look at those shoes!Oh my god, I want that catch my drift. And that's before we get onto the seriously tight writing and wit.
One's a magazine editor, one's a hotelier (how sexy!), one's a banker and one's a PR exec. How glamourous are those jobs for one group of women?
Its sounds like a wannabe SATC but its not, they're older, smarter and more focused on their career than their men...well so it seems anyway.

Take a look at them....

See? Not for kids.

How hot is this? Love this room. Gotta have it. Bedroom, living room, office, new Tiger Tem...whatever, as long as I get it. Lucy Liu is the main character in the show. She plays Mia Mason a magazine publisher, who rocks some seriously fierce outfits on the show.

How cute is that bag?

Bonnie Somerville plays Caitlin, a beauty PR guru. She's the younger more scatty member of the crew. She was in Friends and apparently The OC..don't remember seeing her in that. But she is one of those familiar faces we've all seen somewhere before.

Miranda Otto is my favourite (well apart from Lucy Liu). She plays Juliet the hotelier and always looks abso-friggin-lutely fabulous. The episode I just saw, she has a little makeover after she finds out her husband's been doing the dirty. HOT. We know her from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (if you like such things), What Lies Beneath and a new-ish Debra Messing series called Starter Wife. Well I guess she left that when she got a better deal on Cashmere.

Frances O'Connor is Zoe, the banker. With a very cute architect husband. Another familiar face, we've seen her in The Importance of Being Earnest, A.I., and a few other things on British TV.

Hot? Told you.

The He-She is Back...and More Fierce Than Ever

Don't know how he does it.

Unless, ok, even if, he spends 8 hours in hair and make up.

RuPaul is back and looking more fabulous than ever. Scary really.

The hair (aside from the colour), the make up, the skin, even the bod!

I know the picture has been airbrushed to infinity but still, looks good.

That Extra Half an Inch (Or 3)

Ladies, just saw this pic and had to share.

Amazing what a difference a few inches can make isn't it. I think Kerry looks fab and the other Fergie/Carmen hybrid looks like a tramp (upon closer inspection I think its Carmen).

p.s. Is it just me or is Kerry Washington uberstylish? Me likey.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snoop Dogg -Sensual seduction (official Video)

I've loved Snoop since he came out with Doggy Style. Remember the cartoon strip on the CD cover...I was young enough to get into trouble for that!

Anyhoo, he's back with a song I love and this video had me in hysterics the first time I saw it!!!

Love it! Genius. Must have cost $10. Even better!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Love Is....Very Sexy

Yep, now I'm in the commercial arena, holidays and non-holiday i.e. marketing opportunities have taken on a whole new meaning. Never cared much for Valentine's day before but now I LOVE it! Its so much fun planning the perfect gift box that's going to make the recipient's face light up at the sight of it. And as we all know, once the girls are happy, the boys are happy, he, he, he.

I'm in full on Valentine's mode now. Last year we did a pretty good job, most of the guys came back with messages of how well received the gifts were. I realised pretty quickly most guys don't know what to get, how to package it and they certainly don't plan in advance! So the fun part was getting the guy to describe his girl and we'd put together the perfect gift box.

Rule number 1 for gift giving is packaging. Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur are pros with the packaging so come Valentine's I always look to them for inspiration. And can someone tell me how AP do these fantastic double bows!!!!

The packaging and presentation makes a world of difference to the gift. Think about it, no matter how big or small the gift, its so much better with great packaging. So we had these great gift boxes and everything inside was wrapped in pink. All looked very cute.

The boxes last year were black with a big bright pink bow or silver with a pale pink bow. I loved them, the women loved them, the men loved them. But you know me, onwards and upwards so trying to decide on boxes for this year.

There's a standard box and a deluxe box so I need two different colours. The colours need to be somewhat in line with Tiger Tem. It needs to look sexy, fun and a little flirty.

Here are some great pics. Which do you like the most.....

I just love a sexy black box. But with a fuchsia bow or maybe a deep sexy purple?

Red. Its a tad obvious and a little boring isn't it? But then again with a big black bow...could look a little more interesting.

This was our event invitation and my favourite box. The silver with the fuchsia bow. We could try a purple bow...but somehow I think the fuchsia works better.

As much as I like the brown and pink combo....this just looks like a fancy box of chocolates...but actually, maybe that works.

Maybe a chocolate brown with a bright pink bow works better...

p.s. and while you're at it what would be in your dream (realistic please!) box?

Queen B...falling off her throne?

Is it just me or does David look like he's helping his very ill granny to the car?

This chick. Usually love her style but dunno mate, these days something just doesn't seem to be working as well as normal. The dress is a funny length, the shoes look as if they're flat (!), her foundation is far too gothic to work and what's with the hairband? looks like the type I wear when I'm washing my face. Oh well, maybe she forgot to take it off

Anyhoo here's one of the pics from her Marc Jacobs campaign.