Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you still make resolutions?

I don't make resolutions but I set goals to give me something substantial to aim for each year.

For 2008 my goals are:

1. Increased financial stability
I'm well aware that financial stability is a relative term which is why its a goal every year, onwards and upwards baby.

2. Develop Tiger Tem
I'll be relocating from Musa Yaradua in the new Year, hopefully by easter. I'm still working on the decor plan but it will be more of an all round boutique with a slightly wider range of stock. Pretty much along the same lines as what I already carry, just a wider range of it. I'll be launching my range of tatoo inspired tshirts, sparkly flip flops, sparklier clutch bags and very possibly introducing a hot American brand.

3. Develop a secondary career
I love Tiger Tem and its my baby but this super hyperactive mind of mine is itching for new developments and challenges so its looking like either writing or interiors. I love both so I'll do a lot more research into the start, middle and ultimate goals in each career.

Just so you know I'm thinking
Writing - the pinnacle being screenplays or a book. I'm much more interested in TV and film so lets see.

Interiors - the pinnacle being to get really juicy projects like hotels and the Mr is an architect so that would make us quite the dynamo team.

4. Finish all home improvements
Well I am a budding interiors person. haven'td ecided if it will be an interiors architect, stylist or decorator....still looking up the difference. But interior architect sounds proper so that might be the one.

What are your resolutions?

What to wear for New Year's - Black Tie

Start the year as you mean to continue, with inimitable style!

Demure, stylish and sophisticated, grey is one of the hottest colours for evening wear. And this diaphanous dress is a style statement in itself so keep the accessories simple.

(Dress – Anna Sui, Earrings -Roberta Chiarella, Clutch – Tiger Tem, Heels – Oscar De La Renta)

The deep dark mysterious purple is not an easy colour to be ignored so you will be the belle of the ball in this beautiful dress. Matched with the stellar accessories…you’ll make this a night to remember.

(Dress – Vera Wang, Clutch – Devi Kroell, Earrings – Ben-Amun, Heels – Rene Caovilla)

See in the New Year in style (cocktail party)

New Year’s Eve around the world is the number one day to pull out all the stops in the fashion stakes. There is no such thing as too much, you want to look, sexy, fabulous and fierce….start the year as you mean to continue.

Here are some tips to make sure no matter what your dress code, all eyes will most certainly be on you.

A massive thank you for reading Tiger Bites…its always fun, I love hearing from you so read the blog, drop me an email, onwards and upwards for the next year and I’d like to wish you all a Fantastic Xmas and an Absolutely Fabulous New Year!

So if New Year's cocktails are the order of the day...This dress is just a masterpiece from the couture master Mr De La Renta. Don’t even try to upstage it with accessories but make sure they keep up the high octane sexy pace.

(Dress – Oscar De La Renta, Ring & Clutch – Tiger Tem, Heels – Christian Louboutin)

This is a knockout dress for a knockout woman, wallflowers need not apply! Its uberstylish so team it with uberstylish and unexpected accessories. They’ll all be green with envy but you can be smug as a bug.

(Dress – Ashish, Ring – Kenneth Jay Lane, Heels - Alexander McQueen, Clutch – Vivre Ports)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas

Just wanted to wish you all a Fabulous Xmas and a Fantastic New Year!

Here's to making 2008 bigger and better in every way.


Monday, December 24, 2007

1 day to go...what to wear for Xmas Dinner

Evening events warrant that extra degree of effort as it’s the festive season so here are my suggestions on how to look uberhot in that fabulously effortless way.

This outfit is just perfection as its high fashion yet comfortable (and we know that rarely happens). The bling on the top is picked up by the delicate diamante on the clutch. And accented with the gold accessories and of course a bobby dazzler of a ring, you’ll look more tempting than that turkey.

(Top- Antik Batik, Trousers – Fendi, Shoes – Kurt Geiger, Earrings – Mickey Lynn,
Ring & Clutch – Tiger Tem)

1 day to go....what to wear on Xmas day

My favourite time of year has got to be the festive season, (that and my birthday….egocentric? Moi?).

The festive season throws a number of slightly tricky to dress for invitations our way, but fret not, Tiger Bites is on hand to offer some rather stylish solutions to make you look fantastic. As much as I love Mrs Beckham, I always say she gets an A+ for effort, as she just tries a little too hard doesn’t she? And I think most of us would rather look absolutely fabulous without looking like we just spent 3 hours in hair & make up, followed by a trip to wardrobe with the stylist. The best type of style is the innate, effortless variety and here are some crafty tricks to help you achieve that (and if after all’s said and done you do spend 3 hours getting ready, I won’t tell if you don’t tell….I think we’ve all been there!).

Xmas day is no place for slackers at the dining table so don’t go thinking you can slouch off in the style stakes. I’m not saying turn up in your Sunday best but as its festive and only comes round once a year, make an effort. Comfort is of paramount importance as you’ll be eating copious amounts and probably drinking like a champion. Evening events warrant that extra degree of effort as it’s the festive season so here are my suggestions on how to look uberhot in that fabulously effortless way.

Keep it stylish, simple and comfortable. The monochrome colours work for any age and in a dress like this….and at least you can breathe (and eat) without suffering for your style.(Dress 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shoes – Casadei, Bangle, choker and clutch – Tiger Tem)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 days and clutch

You've got a great party to go what you need now is a great party clutch. The supersize clutch is hot at the moment andbeing the consummate magpie I am, I love a clutch with a little (or a lot) of sparkle.

Here are a few of my favourite picks.

I love this vintage inspired clutch from Tiger Tem. I love the colours and I love the leopard spots inspired print. Its the Fairy Godmother shape which I introduced to my collection last Xmas and this is a new season print. In fact, I might just have to nick it from my boutique as the more I look at it.....the more I like it.

Another cutie from Tiger Tem. This clutch is currently available in this pink croc, a deep sexy bordeaux croc and a superstylish two tone chocolate python. I've left the brooches off so that way you can choose your own for that extra oomph to your unique style.

I'm actually a big fan of Alexander McQueen. I sound surprised as I wouldn't have thought it from seeing his catwalk collection yet I love the accessories. Like this little boxy clutch with the devillish skull on top. Nice. Sexy.

Christian Louboutin, my favourite cordwainer, has recently launched his handbag collection. Fabulous!

GoldenBleu is a fabulous handbag brand I discovered on my last trip to America. Even though you can't tell from this pic, its a supersize clutch. And they come in a fabulous array of candy coloured patent leather. Yum.

So party hard ladies, the next 10 days are the peak party season of the year.


3 days and counting....Quick Bite...The Delicous Dakore

Ok, still bouncing off the walls with excitement. I've literally just stepped back in the house after a rather hectic day. Xmas at not for the faint hearted. I was a little concerned as we had a quiet start to the day but luckily this all changed by midday and it panned out to be a very busy day.

Dakore Egbuson came in for the first time today and she's lovely. Met her and her BF out with my BF a while ago...and she said she kept on seeing fabulous little pieces from Tiger Tem so she popped in today and we all had a blast. My manager was rather star struck much to our amusement. She stayed for a while and we spoke quite a bit and she's interesting, friendly and for the record, MUCH prettier than she looks on screen (and she looks pretty on screen anyway).

For the un-initiated, Dakore is one of the biggest Nollywood (Nigerian Film) actresses. So its a little like having Cameron Diaz in for the day!

Friday, December 21, 2007

4 days and counting....Bring on the Parties!

Oh my golly gosh I'm literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. Its beena great week at work...superbusy which is stressful but I love it. The Xmas affair on Wednesday got us off to a rollicking good start for the holidays and things have gone pretty well from there on.

This Xmas has been especially hectic as its involved a lot of movement but lets just say I'm so friggin happy with the results!

I love Xmas. I loved Xmas before Tiger Tem...but I really, really love Xmas more now.

The invites have been coming in thick and fast and so far I've been laying low i.e. hard at work but my partner in crime arrives this weekend so let the good times roll. Tomorrow there's some big event on and for the life of me right now I can't remember the purpose or the cause (ooops!) but I got the most important details....time, venue, dress code. Which leads me nicely onto my topic of the day....Formal Party Wear.

This time of year...a lot of parties want Black Tie but this isn't a sstrict a dress code as it used to be. I wouldn't wear jeans...but you can definitely work your best black skinny jeans to maximum effect on the red carpet if you choose. For the Bacchus age group, the tricky part is after your Black tie do you're most likely to want to go out after and I don't know about you but if I get taken home to change I'm likely to be bitten by my homebody bug...and not the trick is to look fierce on the red carpet and look hot for the club.

Now I'm the consummate girly girl so its no big surprise I'm in love with all the prom dresses that are all over the shops at the mo. The more black tie friendly are in general longer and sit on the knee or just below and the more versatile and club friendly sit just above the knee.

Exhibit 1. Vicky B. Yes you know I'm a fan. LOVE this dress. its cute, its Alaia, it fits like a dream, makes the most of her figure and would work well on a lot of girls. And as far as prom dresses this season go...this one totally rocks as its a little shorter.

 other favourite style icon. LOVE this dress. I've noticed my love affair with pink has given way to cerise and red...methinks its a deeper, sexier more womanly as opposed to girly colour. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

I love purple and I LOVE this dress. It would work for a formal do and still look hot in the club. The colour, the length and the asymmetric cut make it absolutley fabulous. And that reminds me...I have something very similar in red...but where the hell is it?


They have a name for people who revel in the joy of the holiday gift season.

Greedy Bitches (Merry Christmas from one to another)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All You Want For Xmas...Is A Piece of Tiger Tem

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Xmas is just round the corner...under a week to go and Tiger Tem is here to make you look as if you spent loads of time choosing and wrapping the perfect gift...when the reality is we'll do all the work for you.

The new fabulously glam collection.New tshirts, clutch bags, day bags, jewellery, accessories, sunglasses, scented candles....

Mince pies and wine all afternoon.

10% off all purchases made on the day.

We've set up a special Xmas section and we'll be offering free expert gift wrapping (yes I sent one of my girls on a Gift Wrapping Course...and she's good).

Tiger Tem, 22 Musa Yaradua St, Off Idowu Martins, VI.

From 2-7pm.

Too good to miss so I'll see you there.

Spread the word.xxxx

Saturday, December 15, 2007

10 days and counting.....Smoking Hot Style!

We're in the midst of the party season and the invites are coming thick and fast. With so many places to go and people to see....its every fashionista's wardrobe nightmare! You don't want to repeat outfits nor wear an approximation of the same outfit on a regular basis.

Its the time of year when most retailers are chock full of evening attire sooo beaded, embellished, sequinned and studded… wouldn’t look out of place on Stricly Come Dancing.

So if you really want set yourself apart in the style stakes, and look like a winner, without looking like a loser from a D-List party, take a leaf out of Yves Saint Laurent’s book and opt for an evening tux. If you can stretch to the retail heaven of Yves Saint Laurent, their tux is a true classic, as it should be since Yves invented the first ever female tux…‘Le Smoking’.

This season androgyny is hot but this is a new type of androgyny. Its dressed down to dress up. Its covered up to emphasise your femininity. It’s a little severe to highlight your softness. But its undeniably sharp, smart and damn sexy.

A stylish tux style shirt (3.1 Philip Lim with some really sexy black jeans (Paige Add a touch of gold with this leather cummerbund inspired belt (, a sparkly clutch (Tiger Tem)to up the ante in the glam stakes and some slick red patent shoes...and you're good to go.

Or try this uberhot backless waistcoat (Day Birger with some washed grey skinny jeans (Superfine And keep up the platinum look with somne mirror effect peep toes shoes ( silver ostrich clutch (Tiger Tem) and top it off with a bringing-sexy-back style hat (Tiger Tem)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tea....was not to Be.

Xmas is well and truly in the air. Our Xmas tree is up in Tiger Tem, the decorations are up in their full glory. We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of fabulous new clothing brand Vida which is taking over from the Tea Room.

Sad to see the Tea Room go, it was really my baby and I put a lot into it but fact of the matter is it didn’t work well enough in Lagos. I’m sure I’ll do another one somewhere else in good time though, I still love the idea and I think given the right geographical location, it could do very well.

But onwards and upwards and by the end of the month Vida will be fully ensconced in what was the Tea Room and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I like to embrace change or better yet, inspire change just before its really needed so for those that haven’t been in for a while we’ve given Tiger Tem a little nip/tuck.

In the jewellery room the white walls and white cabinets got a little boring so we’ve gone for aqua walls and the cabinets looks supersexy now as they’re all glossy black.

In the boutique we’ve gotten rid of the carpet…..carpet in tropical climates, in a commercial spot, isn’t the best idea…so we’ve gone for shiny beige marble which is exactly what I said I wouldn’t do when we opened but que sera!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

17 days and counting…..sssssnake!

What is it about snakes? I have a full on heart-attack inducing level phobia of the real deal. Last time I went to the zoo with my friend and her younger siblings, I completely refused to go into the snake pit. Euuuewwwww…..aaahhhhhh!

The really real looking snakeskin….euuuwwww. I remember when one of my craftsmen brought some python skin for me to use. It was in its raw untreated form and I nearly puked, after I got over the shock at the 2.5 m length. I would most definitely have a heart attack if I saw a snake over twice my size.

But give me the ubertreated, preened to within an inch of its reality, dyed stuff that’s been cut and worked to perfection…preferably in a very un-snakelike colour like silver…and I’m fine.

I found these very cool bangles for Tiger Tem…what do you think? They look rather fabulous on and they went into the store on Saturday so pop in to check them out. (Tiger Tem, 22 Musa Yaradua, VI, Lagos)

But my absolute favourite snake inspired piece we have is this Serpiente ring. Love it, love it, love it. I had this ring in white but I was out and a friend loved it so much, she absolutely refused to believe it wasn’t for sale. So in the interest of fostering good relations for Tiger Tem, I sold it. So now I’ve picked out the red one with the big flower. They’re all out in Tiger Tem now….and selling like hotcakes….so make sure you don’t miss out!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

QUICK BITE - Useful tips on HOW to shop for dresses online

Its interesting, through time, I’ve learnt how to look at the dress on the model.

The number 1 question is “How do her proportions differ from mine?”

Its not a size issue as proportions have nowt to do with size. Are you bigger up top, boyish or pear shaped. Then take a good look at how the model’s proportions differ from yours…pay attention to the model’s proportions (obviously they’re all different…skinny is not a type!) and I promise you will be making a much better choice for your outfit when you order online!

I found this really helpful last time I bought jeans. If the model is really tall and really thin with wide set legs…you know borderline bowleg looking like Kate Moss, she’s an entirely different shape from me so those jeans that look great on her won’t necessarily look great on me.

If you’re bigger up top, pay attention to if the model seems to be wearing a bra in that fab dress. If it’s a teeny bit low cut at the back, you’ll have difficulty getting a bra that works.

For women who find it difficult to work out what suits their shape take a look at, it has a rather complicated measuring process that involves measuring every square inch of your body….but once you do, it saves your info and recommends clothes for your shape….how smart!

Oh, and not to be easily outdone, have launched a virtual wardrobe where you can adjust your mannequin to be of similar stature to yourself, adjust her skin colour, hair colour and hair style, then go ahead and try on all manner of bargain bucket frippery. Fabulous…and sure as hell beats even trying to get into an H&M changing room this month. I didn’t make it, but the pics I’ve seen in magazines look HOT!

p.s. Do you have any great tips to share? Let me know!

18 days and counting.....dip, dip, dye?

Well, talk about a blast from the hippy-woodstock-past. Tie-dye fabric has been a serious faux-pas for as long as I can remember, so that means probably since Woodtsock. But fashion being as cyclical as it is….gives us the dip dye. I saw it first with the Prada dip dyed bag and thought, hmmm, clever, then I saw it again and thought, hmmm, nice.

And now I present this bevy of beauties in a series of dip dyed dresses. Well Ali Larter and Thandie anyway, had to stick Claire in there to show its really becoming a trend. Two people might just be a coincidence, but three Hollywood big hitters…and I think I smell a trend.
I’m totally loving Thandie’s Matthew Williamson dress, I love the combo of the navy and pink, but if I was going to wear one, I’d probably wear Ali Larter’s sexy little cocktail dress. You?

18 days and counting ....oi waitress!

I've been a little quiet this week...primarily as my internet at home and in the office were both down. And you can only imagine what that did to for me, the internet is more addictive than crystal meth.

Normally I’d never consider wearing a white shirt with a black skirt as that’s been strictly the preserve of waitresses. And its just a little boring and work-ish.

But oh my golly gosh, I stand corrected. Check out these hotties in these hottest outfits! Petra’s just hot anyway but I think the hiked up hemline, the high ponytail and the Mr T-esque gold necklaces keep it funky and flirty. Hottie in the middle (anyone know who she is?) amps it up with her tux inspired shirt and high waisted skirt and La Alba gives us the most tame look (well she is a little tame isn’t she?) but rocks that blung out belt with the Bordeaux croc clutch.

I’ve got the most fantabulous white shirt that I love to bits and I’m guessing I’d still have issues with just a plain black skirt so I’ll try it with a sequinned black skirt, or one with a brocade pattern, or one that’s embellished in some way for my inner magpie.